Smoke and Unwind: 5 Top Bars for Cigar Enthusiasts

There’s a distinct feeling that comes with inhaling the smoke from a premium cigar. It exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication that is unmistakably associated with cigar enthusiasts. However, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to indulge in this opulent experience, as there are a number of bars that highlight cigars as their main attraction. Here are 5 Cigar Lounges perfect for savoring that experience.

Proof Whisky Lounge - Senayan

Proof Whisky Lounge – Senayan

Each puff of a cigar is complemented by the refined ambiance of Proof’s interior. For aficionados of imported cigars, Proof stands out as an exceptional destination to indulge. Beyond its premium cigar selection, Proof also offers daily entertainment for its patrons, featuring live music and DJ performances.

The Prohibition - Senayan

The Prohibition – Senayan

Not only functioning as a Jazz Bar, The Prohibition also caters to cigar enthusiasts. They offer a selection of imported cigars ready to be savored by their admirers. Each draw is harmoniously accompanied by live Jazz performances, ensuring an entertaining experience for the visitors.

Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge - Pasar Baru

Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge – Pasar Baru

While wine is the spearhead of Churchill, this lounge located in Pasar Baru also presents a range of cigars for aficionados to enjoy. Churchill is the ideal setting for patrons seeking a comfortable spot to socialize with friends or colleagues while relishing an imported cigar.

ARTOZ Whisky and Cognac Lounge - SCBD

ARTOZ Whisky and Cognac Lounge – SCBD

Dim lighting, black undertones, and sophistication. These might be the impressions visitors get upon entering this bar located in Sudirman. Beyond savoring fine whisky, guests can also purchase and enjoy cigars. A variety of imported cigar options are available, making for a perfect accompaniment to conversations with colleagues.

Havana - Pondok Indah

Havana – Pondok Indah

A Hidden Gem of Bliss. That’s an apt description for Havana. Nestled in the bustling heart of Pondok Indah, Havana offers an eclectic-classic gastrolounge vibe, presenting an unparalleled upscale dining experience. It showcases an array of Western delicacies, with a special emphasis on Cuban dishes like shareable mains; Bone-In-Ribeye, and Roasted Chicken.

Additionally, Havana curates a selection of cigars for guests to relish. The Cuban ambiance is truly brought to life as visitors savor authentic Cuban meals and conclude with a signature Cuban cigar.

Sean’s Bar: Europe’s Oldest Tavern

Seans Bar

Bars are not just places to unwind and share moments; they are treasure troves of stories and histories, from their architecture to the elements within. It’s challenging to fathom the tales a bar holds just by its exterior. To truly dive into the essence of a bar, one must immerse oneself in its ambiance, order a drink with some snacks, toast with friends, and share stories within its walls.

Speaking of iconic bars, Sean’s Bar was recognized as the oldest bar in Europe by the Guinness World Records in 2004.

Brief History of Seans

The Origins of Sean’s Bar

Around the year 900, a man named Luain Mac Luighdeach lived. He is believed to have established an inn near “Ath Mor – The Great Ford.” That very inn is now known as Sean’s Bar! Luain served as a guide for travelers.

Sean’s Bar boasts a well-documented history tracing back to its establishment in 900 AD. During a renovation in 1970, the bar’s walls were discovered to be made of wattle from the ninth century. Ancient coins, minted by various lords for bartering with customers, were also unearthed at Sean’s. These walls and coins are displayed at the National Museum, and several artifacts remain at Sean’s, serving as “storytellers” for its patrons.

Inside the Walls of Sean's Bar

Inside the Walls of Sean’s Bar

The aura, reminiscent of Ireland’s glory in the 9th century, envelopes you as you step into this bar.

Known today as Sean’s Bar, this ancient establishment has over the years garnered worldwide recognition for its unique atmosphere. With its aged bar, welcoming open fireplace, sawdust-covered floors, and walls adorned with countless ancient artifacts, Sean’s is rich in character. International patrons frequent this place to indulge in traditional Irish music and songs.

Rumors once buzzed that in the 1980s, renowned musician Boy George owned this esteemed bar. However, the proprietor, Donovan, refuted such claims, dismissing them as mere myths.

3 Eccentric Hotel Bars for Music Enthusiasts in Jakarta

Indulging in a glass of wine after a bustling week in the heart of Jakarta is a valid choice. Especially when the soul feels overwhelmed by the ceaseless demands of the world. Seek refuge in the five-star hotels scattered throughout Jakarta, as the pleasure of savoring an exclusive glass of wine often emanates from these places. Notably, when seeking a bar with a top-tier ambiance, not every hotel in Jakarta can offer such an experience.

K22 Bar - Senayan

K22 Bar – Senayan

Located on the 22nd floor of the Fairmont Jakarta Hotel, K22 Bar masterfully transforms this open space into a prime location for sipping cocktails and wines in South Jakarta, accompanied by a refined ambiance and elegant music. The radiating LED lights emanating from the bar table captivate those who appreciate the mesmerizing view of Jakarta’s city lights, letting them momentarily forget the worries of the day.

The K22 Punch, a blend of Dark Rum, Malibu Rum, Blue Curacao, Pineapple, and the Flower Garden Collin and Calamansi Old Fashioned, are among the top cocktail selections that frequently make their way to the orders of its patrons.

Nautilus Bar - Four Seasons Hotel Setiabudi

Nautilus Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Setiabudi

Nautilus Bar exudes a masculine and opulent hotel bar concept, reminiscent of an executive’s private chamber with its secluded atmosphere. The addition of private booths on every side of the room caters to those seeking more intimate meetings, while the floor murals add a touch of luxury and flair.

The skilled bartenders of Four Seasons Hotel excel in concocting Nautilus Bar’s enticing masterpieces: cocktails crafted with diverse mixtures and an array of whiskies that transport taste buds to extraordinary corners of the world. Notable mentions include the Rainforest Bees Knees, Nutmeg Pinaoco, and Puppet Theatre, which draw from traditional spices and key ingredients such as nutmeg and galangal.

The Room - Hotel Monopoli Kemang

The Room – Hotel Monopoli Kemang

Hotel Monopoli has emerged as a buzz-worthy newcomer, captivating urbanites with its intriguing modern-retro design. Amidst the rising trend of unique and distinct staycations, The Room at Hotel Monopoli stands out as a top recommendation, especially for those seeking the latest in hotel bar offerings with signature beverages.

The cocktails on offer are meticulously crafted by skilled bartenders who play with proportions and mixtures. One standout is the Sorelia Punch, a delightful blend of Chocolate Liqueur, Passion Fruit Puree Spice Oleo Saccharum, Cachaca Inf Rosella, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Sparkling Wine. This invigorating drink, paired with music in a classic-styled new hotel, is sure to enliven the senses.

Unforgettable Nights at the Top 5 Bars in SCBD

By day, SCBD stands out as the central business district of the capital city. But as the sun sets, it transforms into one of Jakarta’s prime nightlife destinations. Numerous bars and clubs pepper the area, each showcasing its unique ambiance perfect for a night out with cherished friends. Here are the top five spots to consider for a bar-hopping experience in SCBD.


Beer Garden SCBD

In the heart of the bustling SCBD district, the Beer Garden emerges as an urban retreat for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Pioneering a laid-back bar atmosphere, it champions beer not merely as a refreshment but as an art form, bridging conversations and fostering camaraderie. Patrons are spoilt for choice with over 20 brands of beer, each meticulously selected to cater to diverse palates. From the ever-popular Heineken Draught to the local favorite Stark, there’s a brew for everyone. Additionally, the garden also delves into experimental territory, introducing craft and flavored beers, accompanied by a range of spirits to ensure a well-rounded evening. Amidst SCBD’s corporate skyline, the Beer Garden is a refreshing pause, offering relaxation and a touch of sophistication.

Cork & Screw SCBD’s Cocktail Jewel

Tucked within the dynamic landscape of SCBD is Cork & Screw, a resto-bar that is a testament to the art of mixology. Renowned for its expansive and imaginative cocktail menu, it stands out as a beacon for those looking to indulge in distinctive drink experiences. Divided into categories, each cocktail tells its own story, from the house-special Signature Cocktails to the refreshing Tropical blends, the icy allure of Slushy mixtures, and the timeless charm of Classic Cocktails. Each concoction is crafted with precision, showcasing unique flavors and presentations that captivate both the eye and the palate. Beyond just a bar, Cork & Screw epitomizes the vibrant cocktail culture of Jakarta, offering both novelty and tradition in every sip.

Fable Lounge & Dining

Fable Lounge & Dining: SCBD’s Luminary Nightspot

Elevated on Fairgrounds’ pinnacle floor, Fable Lounge & Dining emerges as a nocturnal sanctuary, marrying futuristic design with immersive experiences. As dusk sets over SCBD, Fable transforms, with its expansive glass rooftop revealing Jakarta’s luminous cityscape, merging the indoor luxury with urban starlight. The interior, bathed in a ballet of lights, lends a surreal aura, setting the stage for nights to remember. Their spirit collection is vast and diverse, but it’s the ever-evolving roster of events—from enchanting live music to electrifying DJ sets—that truly sets Fable apart. A trip to SCBD’s nightlife isn’t complete without soaking in the ambiance of this avant-garde lounge and dining venue.

Lucy in the sky

Lucy In The Sky: SCBD’s Elevated Escape

Perched atop the cityscape, Lucy In The Sky in SCBD serves as a trendy haven for those seeking a blend of ambiance, innovation, and taste. More than just a bar, this rooftop gem offers an atmosphere that oscillates between vibrant energy and tranquil relaxation. Its signature skyline views, combined with a diverse spirit menu, make it a top pick for both casual evenings and festive nights out. Adding to its culinary prowess, Lucy’s signature Baos redefine traditional burger experiences with the delicate touch of steamed bao buns. From the Cheeseburger Bao to the exotic Maranggi Bao, each bite complements the panoramic city views. Lucy In The Sky stands out not just for its height but for elevating Jakarta’s nightlife to new horizons.

ARTOZ: SCBD’s Whisky and Cognac Connoisseur’s Paradise

Situated in the heart of the Energy Building within SCBD, ARTOZ emerges as a sanctuary for whisky and cognac aficionados. This sophisticated bar curates an unparalleled selection from the world’s finest distilleries, offering patrons a journey through age-old traditions and innovative blends. Here, one can discover the rich tapestries of Asian whiskies, from the nuanced flavors of Japanese and Taiwanese editions to the distinctive adaptations of Korean soju-based variants. With such an extensive array, guests are often guided by the knowledgeable baristas, ensuring each selection matches individual preferences. In the midst of SCBD’s vibrant scene, ARTOZ stands as a testament to timeless elegance, providing a sip of luxury in every glass.

5 Intriguing Facts about Speakeasy Bars that Enhance Your Night Out

Speakeasy Bars

Lovers of mixed drinks, martinis, and jazz are undoubtedly acquainted with speakeasy bars. But have you ever delved into their history? Ever wondered why speakeasies have such inconspicuous entrances?
It all traces back to the Prohibition era when the United States prohibited the sale of alcohol. Those who opposed this ban sought refuge in speakeasy bars, places where they could enjoy illicit alcohol and the rhythms of jazz.
To understand their captivating history, here are some fascinating facts about speakeasy bars.

The Birthplace of Jazz

The Birthplace of Jazz

During the Prohibition era in the United States, speakeasies became the cradle of jazz music. This period coincided with a significant migration of African-American musicians to cities like Chicago, where speakeasies thrived. These talented individuals were often employed by gangsters who owned these secret bars.

Enticed by the soulful tunes played by these musicians, many speakeasy patrons, predominantly gangsters, evolved into staunch supporters of jazz.
As the genre’s popularity spread like wildfire, mainly through word of mouth, it quickly resonated with the white communities, making jazz a sensation throughout the Midwest and East Coast. Consequently, Chicago and New York emerged as epicenters of black entertainment.

Secrets of Speakeasy Entry

Secrets of Speakeasy Entry

Due to the illicit sale of alcohol during the Prohibition era, speakeasy bars had strict entry protocols. Their entrances were inconspicuous, much like the hidden doorway of Lola in Senopati. Back in those days, patrons needed to be aware of the bar’s secret code to gain access. This could be a specific series of door knocks, a passphrase, or even a unique handshake.

Word of mouth was the lifeline of the speakeasy business. Some bars would only allow entrance if the visitor was vouched for by an insider.

However, as speakeasies grew in popularity and law enforcement heightened their vigilance, many began adopting membership cards for verification.

Martini and Cocktail Evolution

Martini and Cocktail Evolution

Before the Prohibition era, America was renowned for its cocktails, with many European bartenders perfecting mixology on American soil.
However, once Prohibition took hold, many skilled bartenders either left the country or sought alternative professions. Consequently, the American mixology industry was overrun by novices, producing homemade gin and moonshine in bathtubs.

These new beverages were considerably stronger. Moonshine, in fact, was occasionally used as vehicle fuel due to its potency. Because of their harsh taste and potency, there was a tendency to mix moonshine and gin, leading to the birth of what we now recognize as martinis and mixed drinks, which surged in popularity during the Roaring Twenties.

Secret Compartments and Hidden Doors

Secret Compartments and Hidden Doors

Due to their illicit nature at the time, speakeasy bar owners often lived in fear of unexpected raids. As a precaution, speakeasies were designed with multiple nooks, storage spaces, and even concealed entrances.
In efforts to remain inconspicuous, booths were frequently shielded with thick curtains to hide the covert bar, or alcohol was served in teacups. The Green Mill in Chicago even featured an underground passage for emergency exits during raids.
America’s most famous speakeasy, the 21 Club in New York, boasted a concealed wine cellar capable of holding up to 2,000 cases of wine.

Secret Compartments and Hidden Doors

The Rise of Al Capone

Recognizing the immense profits from selling alcohol during Prohibition, gangsters began to compete fiercely for territory due to the skyrocketing demand for liquor.

Johnny Torrio, a Chicago-based mobster eager to dominate the alcohol business, called upon Al Capone, his trusted colleague from New York, to help eliminate rivals.

Within two years, Capone raked in a staggering $60 million from alcohol sales alone, frequently greasing the palms of politicians to secure his position.

Intrigued by the allure of speakeasies after learning these facts? Here are some top recommendations for your weekend hangout.

The Prohibition – Senayan

With a name like “The Prohibition,” it’s evident that this bar embraces the speakeasy vibe. Dive into a world of jazz and crafted cocktails this weekend at The Prohibition – it’s bound to be a blast, folks!

Bauhaus 1933 – Kuningan

Drawing inspiration from the German art movement that seamlessly melds fine-art with design, “Bauhaus 1933” boasts a unique bar concept. With its distinct name and atmosphere, it’s a must-visit spot for your weekend escapade.

5 Best Beach Clubs in Bali in 2019

BALI – Bali is known to have extraordinary natural beauty. Beautiful beaches that range from the cold highlands.

The potential of this natural tourism is well packaged through the emergence of a variety of beach clubs that have their own characteristics, just like the characteristic number in Agen Togel Terpercaya online lottery. For each number you choose, the chances of getting lucky number is higher than convensional lottery. 

Beach clubs in Bali are not only concentrated in one area. Every beautiful beach area like Seminyak, Canggu, and others have a beach club facility, which is a pity to pass up while on holiday in Bali.

The following are five recommendations of the best beach clubs in Bali that are suitable to visit to enjoy the warm sunset moments with views of the Pacific ocean.


Taking an 80’s theme with striking colorful blends makes Tropicola an attractive beach club decorating your Instagram feed.

The dominance of colors between yellow and blue Tosca is able to bring a blend that is warm and cheer up anyone who comes here.

The classic touch is not just in color, decoration, and furniture selection is also aesthetic, so it brings a thick classical atmosphere.

Don’t forget to order a signature cocktail called The Margarita Verde, which is refreshing.


Coup d’etat

Amid the onslaught of the newer beach club, the name Ku De Ta is still a “sacred” place for dusk seekers in Bali.

Founded in the 2000s, when rice fields still dominated the Seminyak area, Ku De Ta has attained the status of “The OG of sunset destinations in Bali.”

To maintain its existence, Ku De Ta often brings top DJs and offers international-class food menus.

However, they still maintain the concept of the building to remain iconic as Ku De Ta, known by those who have visited it.

La Brisa

Turning to the Canggu area, La Brisa carries the concept of an eco-centric beach club that has a thick Balinese characteristic.

In accordance with its name, which means “sea breeze,” this rustic-themed beach club can make it relax all day while enjoying the warm sea breeze while forgetting for a moment the saturating work routine.

As a friend to enjoy the dim twilight, La Brisa offers a variety of seafood-based menus as his trademark and funny drinks that can make you sway to the background music that plays here.


Old Man’s

If you want to enjoy music until the wee hours accompanied by the sound of the waves on the beach, Old Man’s can be the right beach club destination.

This beach club in the Batu Bolong Beach area can be said to have quite long operating hours in Bali, which is open from 7 am to 1 am.

You can also enjoy happy hour discounts here which offer buy one get one free promo for all types of drinks.

Don’t be afraid to feel lonely here because Old Man has a variety of programs ranging from watching football together on a big screen, live music, DJs, to a beachside barbeque party.


With a beautiful cliff area and hidden beaches behind it, Uluwatu is a morning paradise for beach club lovers, and Omnia has been the top of mind to date for the beach club in Uluwatu.

This adult-only club tries to take the Las Vegas-style beach club concept and is combined with the beauty of Uluwatu cliffs, infinity pool, and luxurious VIP rooms.

Omnia also has an iconic building called The Cube. The building is in the form of a giant crystal box glittering in the sunset.

My Place, Night Spots in Malang, the Favorite of the High End

Although not as popular as Bali, the nightlife spots in Malang still have their own charm to visit. Most of those who hang out at nightclubs in the city are workers, students, and a small number of tourists who come from out of town or abroad. Of the many nightspots in the city nicknamed Paris van East Java, pubs and/or discotheques are still favorites.

In Malang itself, previously, there could be said to be four places that could be considered the “center” of night entertainment, including My Place, HugoS, Nashville, and Smooth. All four have their respective segments. However, if you want discos for the high end, My Place is arguably the most famous. Located at the Kartika Graha Hotel, My Place is claimed to be a favorite destination for expatriates. This Night Club is located at Jl. Attorney General Suprapto No. 17, Klojen District, Malang City, East Java.

The clubbing place that can accommodate approximately two hundred people has two floors. The first floor is a regular room with facilities such as tables, bars, dance floor, and pool dance. Meanwhile, the second floor is a VIP room equipped with a sofa.

When you first entered the club, the main stage where live music became the center of attention immediately. The size is quite large, with all the lights are the main attraction. Not to mention when the DJs or bands are on stage, the gathering location near the stage is always a game party addict. For those who don’t like too much noise, the bar on the right side of the entrance can be the right place.

You can order some liquor, such as whiskey, tequila, or beer, with rates starting at Rp 50,000. Every now and then, to break the ice, the bartenders will present some interesting tricks to watch. As with other nightclubs, Ladies Night at My Place held on Wednesday is always crowded with party lovers. The moment when women can enter and get free drinks does indeed have its own magic for lovers of night entertainment.

With the slogan “It’s always to be your place”, this place still has a number of other regular programs besides Ladies Night that are no less interesting. For Tuesday, there is Tuesday Beer Night, which is when beer lovers can get attractive promos, namely buy one get one draft beer. In addition, on weekends, there is a Saturday Party that always presents classy music. You can enjoy your party with some friends here, or maybe playing online casino in, get to win some cash, and pay up your party bills with it!

Not only offering regular events but My Place Malang also often holds other festive events at certain moments by inviting famous artists or DJs. Top artists and DJs such as Winky Wiryawan and Judika once graced the party at My Place. In contrast to most clubs that only attend at night, My Place tries to innovate by presenting services during the day. At lunchtime, this place offers Western food and still serves several types of cocktails.

Well, for fun there, the previous entrance fee was around Rp 150,000. The rate includes a small size beer bottle and enjoys the facilities in the regular room starting at 22.00 WIB. Meanwhile, for party lovers who want to feel a more private atmosphere in the VIP room and accompanied by two beautiful girls (escorts), visitors are charged a rate of Rp 2,600,000 and includes a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Unfortunately, the My Place nightlife venue has been closed due to a change in ownership (owner) of the hotel, which was previously located at the Kartika Graha Hotel in Malang.

The Sensation of A World-Style Celebrity Party in Singapore’s Biggest Night Club

A vacation to Singapore isn’t complete if you haven’t visited Marina Bay Sands. Whatever you want, it’s in this area overlooking Marina Bay. From luxury dining, the park hangs in the sky, five-star hotels, etc., at Marina Bay Sands.

The evening entertainment is also fun and legendary. What do you do? This Lion Country offers sparkling world-class night world, you know. Do not miss also have a night club (night club), which is often visited by international celebrities. There are also many casinos you can visit and enjoy, one of the best online casinos always serve the best services you can ever get, which prefer you to play online slots, poker, blackjack, and so on.

Now the popularity of Marina Bay Sands as a world-class nightlife destination will be skyrocketed with the presence of the Marquee Singapore nightclub. If night clubs generally present entertainment from DJs and drink only concoctions, another story with Marquee Singapore.

Marquee Singapore offers the sensation of a theme park themed theme park specifically for adults. You can play Ferris wheel until indoor slide in this night club. The sensation of clubbing while riding an exciting ride will definitely be a memorable memory.

Marquee Singapore comes from the collaboration of TAO Group and Marina Bay Sands. So far, TAO Group is known as the number one player in the field of night entertainment and restaurants. Big names such as LAVO (Italian restaurant and rooftop bar), AVENUE (luxury lounge with a special banquet with famous DJ music entertainment), and KOMA (Japanese restaurant and sushi bar that offers unforgettable nightlife) are under the management of TAO Group. Everything is ready to pamper you who want a special and different night entertainment.

Clubbing at Marquee Singapore will be a world-class, first-rate experience. Marquee has successfully brought first-class evening entertainment in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney. Spreading its wings in Singapore, Marquee will certainly become the center of night entertainment in Southeast Asia.

“Marina Bay Sands is very proud of its collaboration with TAO Group through Marquee Singapore. This night club will surely become a magnet for world-famous DJs and make Marina Bay Sands the number one night entertainment destination,” Marina Bay Sands CEO George Tanasijevich said in a written statement received by some time ago.

A little info, my friend Brilio, a row of celebrities in the world such as Paris Hilton, had tried out the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas. Zedd and Drake have also performed on the nightclub floor, each in New York and Sydney Marquee.

Well, curious as to what kind of party sensation at the biggest nightclub in Singapore? Let’s look at the reviews we’ve just summarized below.

Super-sophisticated technology and sound system.

Marquee Singapore does not play for technology and sound. This nightclub designs its venues with high standards. Marquee Singapore promises to hold a live performance of world-famous DJs with great sound quality.

All aspects of entertainment, such as lighting, are also taken into account. That way, you can dissolve into the party here accompanied by the booming music played by DJs or musicians who perform. The ambient is definitely so excited!

Unique building design.

The attractive floor design with three open levels makes the atmosphere of Marquee Singapore feel wider. High ceilings that reach 30 meters also add a free sensation in Marquee Singapore. You will not feel like in a narrow and uncomfortable night club.

From just the leaked photos, you must be imagined, how is the nuance of the party getting more interesting because the interior design of Marquee Singapore is conceptualized luxurious and colorful? Certainly, this interior concept can become an Instagrammable photo background. Get ready to make videos or take pictures to meet your Instagram feeds and stories!

Unique nuances such as the ‘Playground’ adult.

Marquee Singapore designed its nightclub as an exclusive adult playground. Therefore, you will find a giant Ferris wheel in the room. This Ferris wheel is guaranteed safety and can be used at any time by visitors. Consisting of 8 cabins, you can easily see the Marquee Singapore nightclub floor view.

5 Famous Night Entertainment Places in Makassar – Including One

Today Makassar is among the metropolitan cities in Indonesia.

Physical development can be found everywhere over time. People present with various affairs. City bustle can be visited every day. Starting in the morning until the morning again city activities are not uncommonly busy.

Nightlife venues are one of the exciting locations to relax or spree while feeling the cool music of all Disk Jockey (DJ). Here are many familiar nightlife spots in Makassar!

Zona Café

The presupposition of Makassar as a city that has never slept may be right. When going to this café zone for example. This very famous nightclub in Makassar is located on Jl. The point of view is side by side with the Swiss-Belhotel hotel and not far from the fort of Fort Rotterdam and can even be accessed by foot.

Currently, the café zone is equipped with giant LCD screen features, laser shows, sophisticated, and even some pyro. Although not as big as other night clubs, at least the zone café also provides 2 VIP rooms. The bar that is in the middle of the chamber increases the excitement of this café zone. Even if you come alone, at least you will not feel alone in this location, maybe you can find new partners while chatting here and there.

Similar to nightclubs in Indonesia, Zona Café has a live band and DJ each night. On Saturday nights, there are often familiar bands or DJs imported directly from Jakarta. Visitors who come with friends can order drinks together. Besides, the bartender’s performance in changing drinks can also be entertainment in itself.

On weekends the activities at the location of this familiar nightlife will be even more crowded. But passing Sunday will not be much quiet, often on Wednesday not too crowded.

On Saturdays or evenings, many bands will entertain visitors with romantic songs that are rather slow. If you feel a DJ song that is loud and fast, you can go after 02.00 in the morning.

For the entry fee set at 75 thousand rupiahs, including drinks for the weekend. Whereas when there is a special event, it can reach 150 thousand rupiahs and not yet classified as a drink.

D ’Liquid

This sophisticated nightlife venue is on the 3rd floor of the Grand Clarion Makassar Entertainment Center, Jl. A.P. Makassar Pettarani. D ’Liquid is one location that should not be missed when it requires entertainment to spree with friends and relatives. This vast place, which can accommodate up to 2000 people, often shows live music from famous domestic or foreign bands.

To access the location is very easy because it is located in the center of Makassar offices. After a day of work, maybe just fatigue in the body starts to appear. The truth is that the body gives up signals if they need entertainment for refreshing. Live music club from a great DJ will create a better and more comfortable frame.

This entertainment place is open from 11 pm until 4 am every morning. Besides, there are also known ladies nights as women’s days on Thursday and Sunday.

Makassar Music Bottle

Located not far from Losari Beach, Botol Musik is an option for those who need a place to cool their minds from their daily activities. Situated within the Quality Hotel Makassar building, making it among the coolest nightspots to visit.

It is located on Jl. Somba Opu, the location of night entertainment became crowded by people who were traveling in the city of Makassar. Close to central access to purchase souvenir items typical of Makassar, at least a substantial capital to cause DJ music lovers to this type of location.

For hours alone, it starts from 9 am to 2 am every morning. With entry fees ranging from 100 thousand rupiahs to 300 thousand rupiahs this location spends Bar, Food Served, and of course live music.

Coin Club

Looking for other sophisticated nightlife locations, there is Coin Club located in the heart of the city. Tonight’s entertainment venue is on the 2nd floor of the Makassar Grand Clarion Entertainment Center to make it among the location references to bury the present loneliness and saturation.

Nightlife venues that are open from 11 pm to 4 am show classy music. The selection of music from disco to progressive is given guidance by famous DJs from within and outside the country.

This room that can accommodate up to 1500 people can be a reference for those of you who need a club atmosphere of DJ music to create a more comfortable mind.

Not only music and entertainment, this club also provide casino for you to enjoy. If you are interested, just go straight to the 3rd Floor, play and win some.

The Level

The level is a comprehensive and sophisticated entertainment venue in Makassar. Once stopped, you can go to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, to karaoke. Located close to Losari Beach and adjacent to Makassar Aryadutha Hotel making it among the best nightlife spots in Makassar.

For people who need a contemporary hangout, this location may be among the references. For coming to this location, there is good when the sun will sink — enjoying the beach while sipping a glass of drink and a cigar on the terrace of the level is an extraordinary blend. The food contained in this location is also exciting, there are various western food and Asian food that can spoil each other’s visiting tongues.

This place is not so big. For the 2nd floor itself, there is no dancefloor, and there are only tables and sofas. All night, music and DJs will spoil the ears of each visitor. Even every two weeks, there will be an exclusive event featuring famous bands, DJs, or fashion shows.

At this night entertainment location there are 10 karaoke rooms available on the third floor. For hours alone, on the 1st floor, a restaurant and coffee shop is starting from 10 am until 2 am. While on the 2nd floor there is a Bar / Lounge / and Terrace which will be open from 4 pm until 2 am. On the 3rd floor, there is a karaoke room which is only open at 12 pm until 2 am early in the morning and on the 4th and 5th floors there are rooftop and club which are open from 4 pm to 2 am.

Finding entertainment is an option for urban communities to treat fatigue with daily activities and routines. Because of limited leisure times, so some people take advantage of the night to entertain themselves. At least of the five-night entertainment locations familiar above can be used as your reference.

6 Crowded Night Tours in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia that holds a lot of attraction, one of which is a night tour owned by East Java Capital City.

Various night tourist destinations in the city of Surabaya can visit Toppers to complete the holiday experience to this city of Heroes.

Well, are you ready to go to a night tour in Surabaya? If you have, record all the arrangements of night attractions in the city of heroes that have been summarized by this Keluyuran. Do not have the chance to bring money in case you later want to cover trying for a culinary night in this city.

1. Suroboyo Carnival Park

With the concept of a modern night market, Suroboyo Carnival Park is a pretty popular destination for nightlife destinations in Surabaya. Various games like Bledek Coaster, Pirate Ghost Ship, Ferris Wheel, and many other rides can be found here. Beautiful decoration of lights also makes this location unique to visit.

2. Taman Pelangi

Want a cheap Surabaya night tour, Taman Pelangi can be your choice. At night, the monument in the park is decorated with colorful lights and a fountain that creates the most romantic atmosphere. Not to mention, there are a lot of delicious sidewalk cuisines that you can eat when you go here.

3. Pakuwon City Food Festival

Still around Surabaya culinary night tours, the Pakuwon City Food Festival should not escape your evening tour arrangement. Not only animated by many food outlets ranging from traditional and contemporary, but this Surabaya night tour also has many unique rides such as mini rickshaws, bicycles, and others.

4. Skate Park and BMX

Like doing night sports? This one-night tourist destination in Surabaya can be the right destination for you. Face to face with the sura and crocodile monuments that are the icons of Surabaya, Skate Park, and BMX are places where you can play skateboarding and BMX bikes with the community.

5. Suramadu bridge

Suramadu Bridge is a magnificent bridge that stretches over the ocean and connects between the city of Surabaya and the island of Madura. The grandeur of this bridge becomes a tourist charm in Surabaya, especially when the night when the Suramadu bridge is showered with beautiful lights.

6. Brawijaya Kodam Night Market

Night market destinations in Surabaya which can become night destinations in other Surabaya are Kodan Brawijaya Night Market. With beautiful lamp decorations and exciting game rides, tonight’s tours become favorite folk entertainment. Here, you can also purchase various local products such as shoes, bags, and clothes, you know.