Acuccagna is a news site that presents More Information Heboh and a number of news that is considered surprising and unique to know.

The rapid development of social media when this makes it easier for not a few people to get information and news, in addition not a few people now easily channel things that are perceived unusual to social media, nah affairs of things like this usually will invite not a few comments from all social media users and the end of it became excited.

Acuccagna comes as an answer to the need for more exciting information and Unique news that is being sought by not a few people. So we appear to deliver weighty news | weighted | quality and the latest written in the unique and unique language style of all Acuccagna writers.

Acuccagna itself sprang up in mid-July 2015 then and now Acuccagna still continues to collect news and information interesting and interesting for all loyal readers of Acuccagna.