Smoke and Unwind: 5 Top Bars for Cigar Enthusiasts

There’s a distinct feeling that comes with inhaling the smoke from a premium cigar. It exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication that is unmistakably associated with cigar enthusiasts. However, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to indulge in this opulent experience, as there are a number of bars that highlight cigars as their main attraction. Here are 5 Cigar Lounges perfect for savoring that experience.

Proof Whisky Lounge - Senayan

Proof Whisky Lounge – Senayan

Each puff of a cigar is complemented by the refined ambiance of Proof’s interior. For aficionados of imported cigars, Proof stands out as an exceptional destination to indulge. Beyond its premium cigar selection, Proof also offers daily entertainment for its patrons, featuring live music and DJ performances.

The Prohibition - Senayan

The Prohibition – Senayan

Not only functioning as a Jazz Bar, The Prohibition also caters to cigar enthusiasts. They offer a selection of imported cigars ready to be savored by their admirers. Each draw is harmoniously accompanied by live Jazz performances, ensuring an entertaining experience for the visitors.

Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge - Pasar Baru

Churchill Wine & Cigar Lounge – Pasar Baru

While wine is the spearhead of Churchill, this lounge located in Pasar Baru also presents a range of cigars for aficionados to enjoy. Churchill is the ideal setting for patrons seeking a comfortable spot to socialize with friends or colleagues while relishing an imported cigar.

ARTOZ Whisky and Cognac Lounge - SCBD

ARTOZ Whisky and Cognac Lounge – SCBD

Dim lighting, black undertones, and sophistication. These might be the impressions visitors get upon entering this bar located in Sudirman. Beyond savoring fine whisky, guests can also purchase and enjoy cigars. A variety of imported cigar options are available, making for a perfect accompaniment to conversations with colleagues.

Havana - Pondok Indah

Havana – Pondok Indah

A Hidden Gem of Bliss. That’s an apt description for Havana. Nestled in the bustling heart of Pondok Indah, Havana offers an eclectic-classic gastrolounge vibe, presenting an unparalleled upscale dining experience. It showcases an array of Western delicacies, with a special emphasis on Cuban dishes like shareable mains; Bone-In-Ribeye, and Roasted Chicken.

Additionally, Havana curates a selection of cigars for guests to relish. The Cuban ambiance is truly brought to life as visitors savor authentic Cuban meals and conclude with a signature Cuban cigar.