Seans Bar

Bars are not just places to unwind and share moments; they are treasure troves of stories and histories, from their architecture to the elements within. It’s challenging to fathom the tales a bar holds just by its exterior. To truly dive into the essence of a bar, one must immerse oneself in its ambiance, order a drink with some snacks, toast with friends, and share stories within its walls.

Speaking of iconic bars, Sean’s Bar was recognized as the oldest bar in Europe by the Guinness World Records in 2004.

Brief History of Seans

The Origins of Sean’s Bar

Around the year 900, a man named Luain Mac Luighdeach lived. He is believed to have established an inn near “Ath Mor – The Great Ford.” That very inn is now known as Sean’s Bar! Luain served as a guide for travelers.

Sean’s Bar boasts a well-documented history tracing back to its establishment in 900 AD. During a renovation in 1970, the bar’s walls were discovered to be made of wattle from the ninth century. Ancient coins, minted by various lords for bartering with customers, were also unearthed at Sean’s. These walls and coins are displayed at the National Museum, and several artifacts remain at Sean’s, serving as “storytellers” for its patrons.

Inside the Walls of Sean's Bar

Inside the Walls of Sean’s Bar

The aura, reminiscent of Ireland’s glory in the 9th century, envelopes you as you step into this bar.

Known today as Sean’s Bar, this ancient establishment has over the years garnered worldwide recognition for its unique atmosphere. With its aged bar, welcoming open fireplace, sawdust-covered floors, and walls adorned with countless ancient artifacts, Sean’s is rich in character. International patrons frequent this place to indulge in traditional Irish music and songs.

Rumors once buzzed that in the 1980s, renowned musician Boy George owned this esteemed bar. However, the proprietor, Donovan, refuted such claims, dismissing them as mere myths.