Indulging in a glass of wine after a bustling week in the heart of Jakarta is a valid choice. Especially when the soul feels overwhelmed by the ceaseless demands of the world. Seek refuge in the five-star hotels scattered throughout Jakarta, as the pleasure of savoring an exclusive glass of wine often emanates from these places. Notably, when seeking a bar with a top-tier ambiance, not every hotel in Jakarta can offer such an experience.

K22 Bar - Senayan

K22 Bar – Senayan

Located on the 22nd floor of the Fairmont Jakarta Hotel, K22 Bar masterfully transforms this open space into a prime location for sipping cocktails and wines in South Jakarta, accompanied by a refined ambiance and elegant music. The radiating LED lights emanating from the bar table captivate those who appreciate the mesmerizing view of Jakarta’s city lights, letting them momentarily forget the worries of the day.

The K22 Punch, a blend of Dark Rum, Malibu Rum, Blue Curacao, Pineapple, and the Flower Garden Collin and Calamansi Old Fashioned, are among the top cocktail selections that frequently make their way to the orders of its patrons.

Nautilus Bar - Four Seasons Hotel Setiabudi

Nautilus Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Setiabudi

Nautilus Bar exudes a masculine and opulent hotel bar concept, reminiscent of an executive’s private chamber with its secluded atmosphere. The addition of private booths on every side of the room caters to those seeking more intimate meetings, while the floor murals add a touch of luxury and flair.

The skilled bartenders of Four Seasons Hotel excel in concocting Nautilus Bar’s enticing masterpieces: cocktails crafted with diverse mixtures and an array of whiskies that transport taste buds to extraordinary corners of the world. Notable mentions include the Rainforest Bees Knees, Nutmeg Pinaoco, and Puppet Theatre, which draw from traditional spices and key ingredients such as nutmeg and galangal.

The Room - Hotel Monopoli Kemang

The Room – Hotel Monopoli Kemang

Hotel Monopoli has emerged as a buzz-worthy newcomer, captivating urbanites with its intriguing modern-retro design. Amidst the rising trend of unique and distinct staycations, The Room at Hotel Monopoli stands out as a top recommendation, especially for those seeking the latest in hotel bar offerings with signature beverages.

The cocktails on offer are meticulously crafted by skilled bartenders who play with proportions and mixtures. One standout is the Sorelia Punch, a delightful blend of Chocolate Liqueur, Passion Fruit Puree Spice Oleo Saccharum, Cachaca Inf Rosella, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Sparkling Wine. This invigorating drink, paired with music in a classic-styled new hotel, is sure to enliven the senses.