Unforgettable Nights at the Top 5 Bars in SCBD

By day, SCBD stands out as the central business district of the capital city. But as the sun sets, it transforms into one of Jakarta’s prime nightlife destinations. Numerous bars and clubs pepper the area, each showcasing its unique ambiance perfect for a night out with cherished friends. Here are the top five spots to consider for a bar-hopping experience in SCBD.


Beer Garden SCBD

In the heart of the bustling SCBD district, the Beer Garden emerges as an urban retreat for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Pioneering a laid-back bar atmosphere, it champions beer not merely as a refreshment but as an art form, bridging conversations and fostering camaraderie. Patrons are spoilt for choice with over 20 brands of beer, each meticulously selected to cater to diverse palates. From the ever-popular Heineken Draught to the local favorite Stark, there’s a brew for everyone. Additionally, the garden also delves into experimental territory, introducing craft and flavored beers, accompanied by a range of spirits to ensure a well-rounded evening. Amidst SCBD’s corporate skyline, the Beer Garden is a refreshing pause, offering relaxation and a touch of sophistication.

Cork & Screw SCBD’s Cocktail Jewel

Tucked within the dynamic landscape of SCBD is Cork & Screw, a resto-bar that is a testament to the art of mixology. Renowned for its expansive and imaginative cocktail menu, it stands out as a beacon for those looking to indulge in distinctive drink experiences. Divided into categories, each cocktail tells its own story, from the house-special Signature Cocktails to the refreshing Tropical blends, the icy allure of Slushy mixtures, and the timeless charm of Classic Cocktails. Each concoction is crafted with precision, showcasing unique flavors and presentations that captivate both the eye and the palate. Beyond just a bar, Cork & Screw epitomizes the vibrant cocktail culture of Jakarta, offering both novelty and tradition in every sip.

Fable Lounge & Dining

Fable Lounge & Dining: SCBD’s Luminary Nightspot

Elevated on Fairgrounds’ pinnacle floor, Fable Lounge & Dining emerges as a nocturnal sanctuary, marrying futuristic design with immersive experiences. As dusk sets over SCBD, Fable transforms, with its expansive glass rooftop revealing Jakarta’s luminous cityscape, merging the indoor luxury with urban starlight. The interior, bathed in a ballet of lights, lends a surreal aura, setting the stage for nights to remember. Their spirit collection is vast and diverse, but it’s the ever-evolving roster of events—from enchanting live music to electrifying DJ sets—that truly sets Fable apart. A trip to SCBD’s nightlife isn’t complete without soaking in the ambiance of this avant-garde lounge and dining venue.

Lucy in the sky

Lucy In The Sky: SCBD’s Elevated Escape

Perched atop the cityscape, Lucy In The Sky in SCBD serves as a trendy haven for those seeking a blend of ambiance, innovation, and taste. More than just a bar, this rooftop gem offers an atmosphere that oscillates between vibrant energy and tranquil relaxation. Its signature skyline views, combined with a diverse spirit menu, make it a top pick for both casual evenings and festive nights out. Adding to its culinary prowess, Lucy’s signature Baos redefine traditional burger experiences with the delicate touch of steamed bao buns. From the Cheeseburger Bao to the exotic Maranggi Bao, each bite complements the panoramic city views. Lucy In The Sky stands out not just for its height but for elevating Jakarta’s nightlife to new horizons.

ARTOZ: SCBD’s Whisky and Cognac Connoisseur’s Paradise

Situated in the heart of the Energy Building within SCBD, ARTOZ emerges as a sanctuary for whisky and cognac aficionados. This sophisticated bar curates an unparalleled selection from the world’s finest distilleries, offering patrons a journey through age-old traditions and innovative blends. Here, one can discover the rich tapestries of Asian whiskies, from the nuanced flavors of Japanese and Taiwanese editions to the distinctive adaptations of Korean soju-based variants. With such an extensive array, guests are often guided by the knowledgeable baristas, ensuring each selection matches individual preferences. In the midst of SCBD’s vibrant scene, ARTOZ stands as a testament to timeless elegance, providing a sip of luxury in every glass.