Nightlife and Entertainment in Bali

The nightlife in Bali is opened late, during midnight. Most visitors meet the nightclub before one o’clock in the morning.

This is explained at its simplest: at dusk some of the greatest entertainers are either at work or coming to friends, or simply asleep. Many of them come to pubs, bars, discos merely in the morning. So, if you plan a solution overnight, it should not start too early. The main entertainment in Bali opens after sunset. Dinner can be held from 21:00 to 24:00.

Those who need a company, should not worry. Wherever you go in Sanur or in Kuta, we will catch lonely travelers with the same problem. In Bali disco you will find not a few “night butterflies” and young people who will compete with girls for sexual services. All taxi drivers know the very popular address of karaoke bars and massage parlors in Kuta and Denpasar, and so many buildings with “reputation stained” in Sanur.
As defined in the journey of FORUM BALI: “sex tourism in Bali there is prostitution in Bali outside the law”, but, like in many other countries, all blocking the eye on the whole resort in so many bars can be found many girls who with .. glance not the opposite of your neighbors, except that the make-up is not much more and the outfits are not much more explicit. on the contrary, they are most polite, friendly, gentle, will bring not a little pleasure in dancing, drinking and teasing. Most of them would agree to drain with us on a nightly dinner equivalent of 200,000 rupees (about 25 days)

JAZZ GRILLE, located in Sanur Raya No. Shopping Complex. 15/16 in front of the Radisson Hotel, starting in February 1999, unique tourists and locals with live music, a nice menu and billiards. KAFE WAYANG in the same building also presents live music performed by local teams, and jam session with foreign guests each Friday. JANGER is the only disco in Sanur. But not a few tourists and locals prefer to go to Kuta to explore something more interesting.

Discos and pubs in Nusa Dua’s five-star hotel are often just empty. They are frequented by people who live in this hotel or are lazy to work on a 30-minute trip to Kuta. Outside the hotel in the center of Nusa Duaada the most popular Mexican restaurant, POCO LOCO, is familiar with its signature “Margarita” cocktail.

Different sights of nightlife in Sanur.

In Tuban, at All Stars Surf Cafe, evening visitors will notice the original live music. The best nightclub in Sanur-Koyu Vag resort, the most popular among the local youth. Live music is played each night at The Jazz Bar and Grill. The “Vayant” and “Trophy Pub” cafes are very busy on Friday nights. In Seminyak along the beach from the hotel “Padma” to “La Lucciola” lies at a recreational location, where you can play volleyball when the sun sinks during the day. and light food and cold beer on offer will satisfy your appetite. As night approached, all the guests attended the night show at the hotel, from where they moved to in between not a few restaurants in Seminyak for dinner. The long-established institution, like Goa 2001, Varisan and Jaya Pub, creates the visitors a calm and relaxed state. Cafe “Lupa” spends entertainment for the guests of various kinds of thematic music programs, and on the eve of the gay people gather here. Double Six is ​​a very popular dance club on the island. The nightlife center in Seminyak is Dhyapa Pura Street. On this street is placed the most popular cocktail bar “Ai-Bar”, cafe “Del Map”, “Gado Gado” and “Santa Fe”.


Anyone who has an active and rich nightly nightmare dream, you just need to go at night in Kuta, which now extends over 7 kilometers north of the village of the same name and belongs to Legian and Seminyak area. This is the best entertainment location, where it will be equally unique both lonely and couples.

Close to the center of Kuta is CASABLANCA – a plaza with open-pubs and noisy discos. PEANUTS Discotheques on Jalan Raya Legian (almost on the border of Kuta and Legian) have started after reconstruction. The dance floor is not infrequently full, the most diverse people: local youths mixed with strangers.

There we will chase the BOUNTY BOAT with a noisy air-conditioned disco on the 1st floor PADI’S RELOADED.V whereas other places are blocked at 2-3 am, MAMA’S bar – a location where you can continue until dawn.
For a more civilized evening after dinner you can choose TJ or KORI in Kuta, POCO LOCO to Legian or outdoor bar NERO Bali instead of A Romas restaurant in Kuta, renovated Maccaroni CLUB and MADE’S WARUNG in Kuta (see Bali Restaurant) or Hu ‘ u Bar & Lounge around the Petitenget temple.
Something more outrageous and aimed solely for exposed minded people – is CAFE HULU, located between the streets of Padma and Melasti in Kuta, which offends herself “the only real gay bar in Bali” with an otvyaznym display, passing from 23:00 three times a week. The view is the funniest.

The great and popular CAFE HARD ROCK is on the Kuta coastline, live music from 23:00 to 02:00. If we feel too noisy or too cold due to strong air conditioning operation, try moving to CENTER STAGE at the HARD ROCK RESORT hotel, located behind the cafe. As the name implies, these groups perform on a flattering stage in the center of a round lobby bar starting at 11pm. They used to have great musicians, but now there we can chase musicians who often saturate playing their musical instruments. Both HARD ROCK cafes are quite expensive according to Bali standards.

JAYA PUB, located on the main street of Seminyak, also offers live music and unique Indonesian visitors and those who do not like the cold from AC, sometimes big bands and individual players.

LA BOHEME is close to the DOUBLE SIX club on Seminyak beach. The tables stood under the open sky, a number of bars and multi-level dance floors in unconditioned rooms. In general, the design and decoration of the place will create an atmosphere of relaxation to your use in the ocean.
Every night live music – Reggae, Salsa – starts playing at 22.00 and stops at 3 am.

The best place in Seminyak where we can taste drinks and spend all night is SANTA FEE Bar & Grill, located on Jalan Abimanyu. Go to 11
This street is also known as Jalan Gado Gado or Jalan Dhyana Pura with as many night bars open and close each month). Live music, normal prices for cocktails, decent wine arrangement (you need to consult about it, but the price is low according to Balinese standards), the menu offers local, Mexican and Japanese dishes, and many different kinds of pizza. All this and the friendly service attracts not a few visitors during the day. If we feel the hottest on the bottom floor, you can climb to the sophisticated “Wine Lounge” where we will pursue a good wine selection.

Other popular night spots on this street are SPY BAR, LIQUID, Q Bar (“non-traditional orientation”), Antique Bar, SPACE, THE GLOBE and “A” BAR. The bar is open all the time, not the least of them showing their own DJs and live music. Just walk along the street and meet all the people!

Then, between 2 and 4 am, the party opens in DOUBLE SIX, a large disco in open space with a number of bars and large dance floors. Located on the beach of Seminyak, the entry fee – from 30,000 to 50,000 rupees (3 – 5 US Dollars) depends on the day. At the entrance you will receive a voucher for one free drink. After 4 am, some great beggars in Bali gather here.


You will also see small posters in Kuta and Seminyak complaining about special parties such as the Full Moon Party, Home Archers Party, Body Painting Parties, etc. If this incident is reported to the general public, it means that they are exposed to all. You should only have to drink.


Not a few institutions that work at night in Ubud. Most of them closed for one morning. At “Jazz Cafe” from Tuesday to Saturday live music. This popular cafe is led by Ubud nightlife rankings. “Manki Forest” collects fans “techno”, and in “Sai Sai Bar” they do jazz improvisation and jazz. In the Levina bar (eg, “Planet”), reggae sound and live orchestra music. In the “Four SeasonsResort” resort estate in Sayan, near Ubud, a magnificent bar.

Sex on the island. Bali.

The combination of love and anonymity of love is Bali’s strongest aphrodisiac. The sex breath comes from tree foliage at night, it vibrates in the techno bass and rock music in the disco. But this is the kind of virtual sex, illusion, sensitivity, but not sensuality, two different hypostases.
Kuta is ruled by fast-food sex, seasoned with a sufficient amount of alcohol. This is Kuta, but not Bali!

If we say about sex in Kuta, then all I want to say is about the relationship of elderly Australian women and young Indonesian gigolo – “Kuta Cowboys”. Only more calm, men do not really like when they use that word. They are friends, lovers, they are not used for sex, as they say. But perhaps all the stories will be finished happily, if that is what sex women need.

But, we know women … Many of them believe that sex must be “wrapped” in love. These packages are happy to buy, and all the cowboys, know this, market the appropriate products. In the cool of cold reality, this product would be ugly and rotten, but Indonesia is a third world country, there are bad with electricity, and chic and interior room furniture that looks at us at first, actually cheats. In Bali, everything is uniquely illuminated by the candlelight romantic light.

Cowboys “hunt” on the beach of Kuta, takes place in the afternoon on the sand, solely on when there you can meet someone in hopes of scooping big fish.

“I like mature women because they have not a bit of money,” said the 21-year-old gigolo who offended him Montana,

as they say: “There is no money, no honey.”
“Young girls just want to hang out, they care about me, and I do not think their bodies are old, I tell a woman that she is the only one, because these words are worthless,” Montana revealed.

Cowboys writes that the danger of falling in love is the risk of the profession, but after training you can learn to avoid such problems. “I will not surrender my love too, because I have cheated a girl, wrote that she will come to me, but not return, – says Mada 24 years – if a woman wrote she likes me, I write that I love me too lie, but I’m most defensive. ”

Made dealt with four women who are opposites from Europe in desperation will win a trip there. Usually, after returning home, all the women sent a certain number of cowboys, which they use to complete an apartment or clothing, as if the child were really good, “Santa Claus” gave him a marriage contract, a ticket to one

Many Indonesian men do not have a local girlfriend. They believe that as uninteresting for their peers, because they want to have rich lovers “Above all, I love blonde hair and blue eyes” -. Says Made by the eye of a Japanese woman in the tiger bikini coloring.

Not all women will Bali how to purchase goods for souvenir boyfriends, but often at least one but in her suitcase Sally -. 36-year-old married woman from Queensland – transported to Bali my daughter – their teenagers together at a disco when they connected local singer Sally .. I think those

“When I met Matt, I pursued the best sex of my life,” Sally said, “the married part of my life is dead, maybe all I need is an overdose.” My husband and I have problems in this area, and I understand that I unknowingly digest something better for myself in sex, maybe it’s all about his youth? ”

When Sally returns to Australia, she convinces herself that it is merely a resort romance with a limited “expiry date” but, when she calls Matt, she is so fascinated by the conversation she sends her money for tickets, I will not
Sally does not think of Matt’s trash. He’s doing what he’s going to do every loving woman – start saving him from drugs.

Sally believes that it drains $ 7,000 on this relationship from when I met Matt six months ago. He paid him a ticket to Australia, an apartment, a meal, bought him an expensive guitar, and clothes, and even paid for a return ticket to Bali and then to Java, to the point where he could visit his family. Right now there really is not any funds going back to Australia, but … Matt really, really wants a bike, and “if Sally can not leave her my credit card before we leave, good, pretty please!”

“When Sally goes, I will be hard not to fill up with another woman, because I’m a guy – Matt writes – but I’m about to marry Sally, and I do not often get what I want.”
“Now I’m thinking: What have I done?” Sally said, tightening herself with a cigarette.
“I lost my marriage, my children, and my house because Matt, my eldest daughter, said: what do we find in him? He’s just a parasite, I’m trying to tell Matt about it, but he does not pay attention and understand,” Sally, and then added: “I thought I was in love.” It was an exciting adventure, but not my nature to drain all the money, it would be more efficient to have a romance with an Australian, and to meet Matt is a bit of an accident. ”

And here’s another story:
Jane, the wife of a 49-year-old former farmer from Western Australia, lives with her 25-year-old girlfriend For 4 months, they and Gehry are teenagers: they play games and decorate
Gehry is dating Jane about three weeks, but she dismisses him. “I want to marry Jane and settle in Australia, because I will be able to work there,” – said Gary – if I settled here and married Indonesia, I am a man without a future. “But Jane was not in a hurry with the decision, but not because she does not want to, but because they can not stand her child.

“Gary gives me happiness and love,” said Jane – I got married early, at the age of 17, and my ex-husband is not rarely busy working, and I feel abandoned and misunderstood. With Gary I can express, for the first time in my life I am independent. Gary helps me to like myself and find out who I am and what I want. Sometimes, surely, I am visited by doubt – why young, interesting man is interested in me, when there are so few beautiful girls. Gary says it is because he loves me. He knows that I do not have not a little money. I am zayu, Kuta cowboy, but Gehry shows that not all this. He said: I can not give. This is not true. I wrote to him that I could buy cigars and food, could create a circle on his head, but would never be comparable to the fact that he gave me. Before, I felt unattractive, even fat.

Life In Life in Indonesia

What and where to eat in Indonesia? Price in cafes and restaurants. Nightclubs in Indonesia. Shopping – shopping centers, markets, prices, etc. Indonesia, like a self-respecting resort country, is not left behind in party affairs. We will submit all passwords, appearances, web sites and nightclub addresses in Indonesia. The heart of Bali’s nightlife is Kuta.

Nightlife in Jakarta.
In Tamryn and Senayan the highest learning room club is open. Prices inside are high.

The famous places are Portico in Senayan City. The club is located in a large shopping center and embraces the idea of ​​a homeless disco. Guests were given headphones and the offer could have chosen the musical direction. Visitors settled in their own world, dancing and singing along with their favorite compositions. If we take off the headphones, it turns out a funny picture – the club is quiet, but everyone has fun. This situation does not interfere with the conversation, because it does not need to shout out loud music. Address: Senayan City, Ground Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika Kav 19, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia).

Immigrants – clubs in Plaza Indonesia shopping center. Place favored by teens and young people. The price here is the highest, however, like the level. Address: Plaza Indonesia 6th Floor, Jl. Mh. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, Plaza Indonesia, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Skye is a club in Menara BCA, among the best in Jakarta with beautiful scenery. At the entrance is a strict dress code. To go inside, you must dress in fashion. Address: Menara BCA Lt. 56, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The cheap and moving club is located on Jax Street Street. Melly’s Beer Garden is a place that offers cheap holidays in pleasant circumstances. The club is decorated in a green park format. Quiet on weekdays, but on weekends there are not a few visitors. Address: Jl. Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No. 37-39, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jalan Jaksa is a popular street, unique tourists with not a few bars with cheap alcohol.

Creative and stylish clubs in Kemang. Sala Kitchen offers a party, not at least inferior to similar events in big cities. In a thin and long two-story building, individual parties and public events are held. Address: Jalan Kemang Raya No.72, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Beehive is a beach style club. Go inside, guests step on exotic country with pool tables, bar and dance floor. The host is the most hospitable person.

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Nightlife in Bali.

The heart of Bali’s nightlife is Kuta – Legian and Seminyak areas. It is recommended that young party audiences stay here. Evening entertainment that is not uncommon times available will create our unforgettable stay.

Kuta is popular among surfers and travelers with limited funds. Rental accommodation here can be for 10-15 $ per day, and lunch is equivalent to $ 2. At bars and discos, there are happy hours (happy hours), where they offer free alcohol. In Kut there are no working days, not infrequently Sundays. For this proposition, it is highly favored by tourists! Here for a while you can stay away from your image, forget about prestige and reputation, go to a club with shorts and a T-shirt, and on your feet using sandals. There is no dress code, no tension.

Popular nightclubs are rated SkyGarden, Bounty, Paddy’s, Embargo. They open at night, and close at dawn. In these places you can plunge into Western electronic and pop music, dance, meet people from so many countries.

Live music fans must come to the Espresso bar, In the evening, Indonesian musicians play western rock here. At the Apache club we can pay attention to reggae in live demonstrations.

Not far from the center of Kuta is the Casablanca square – a location with pubs and disco discs in open space.

PEANUTS Discotheque (a Legian Street) – a disco popular with tourists and the local community, the dance floor is constantly full.

The dancefloor Bounty was known and liked by not a few people.

Many locations stop working at 3-4 am, but you can continue your joy by going to Mama’s bar, which lasts until dawn.

The famous place is Hard Rock Cafe. Live music from 23:00 to 2:00. Music groups play their own songs and others. Prices in cafes are high.

Cafe Luna – an institution with a paid entrance, offers an Italian menu and live music in open space. Jaya Pub nearby also attracts not a few tourists with live music composition.

You can take a night out at Poco Loco in the Legian area, in the bar of Nero Bali or in the renovated Mac Barny bar next to Bounty.

Cabaret Musro will fascinate a costume show in Las Vegas motivation. The view is broken into two parts: the unity – for all visitors, runs until 21-22.00, the second – solely for adults, is opened after the first element.

The Seminyak area is familiar to nightclubs and elite bars, designed for people with a good income. Dinner at the restaurant will cost at least $ 15-20. Rooms with simple hotel fares start at $ 70 per night. The restaurant should be shipped with decent clothes and shoes. The same goes for nightclubs. It’s expensive, graceful and decent.
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It’s fun to take time to pay attention to good music, to watch secular people and dance at this institution:

Mary Magdalena, address: Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Hu’u bar, address: Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Word of Mouth, address: Jalan Kunti, Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia.

WooBar, address: Kerobokan, Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

Potato Head Beach Club, address: Jl. Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Ryoshi, address: Jl. Raya Seminyak No.17, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. http: // www. ryoshibali. com /

On Gado Gado Roud street – not a few night bars. Here, the average price for alcohol, so much wine and pizza, live music, friendly circumstances.

The famous entertainment area is Double Six Street, which gives the same name to the surrounding area and the beach. There is a large disco in open space. The entry fee is 3 to 5 $, the price depends on the day of the week. There are a number of bars and large dance floors in the district.

Nightlife outside of Kuta and Seminyak.

The entire life of the island club is concentrated in Kut. In the area of ​​Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Candidasa institutions for a little active entertainment. The local five-star hotel offers guests either a bar, or disco, or an evening restaurant with live music.

Cafe Wayang, located in Sanur, is familiar with live music compositions, performed by local bands or foreigners. This cafe is most popular. And the only Sanur disco is Janger. Many people visit it, but the majority of tourists prefer entertainment in Kuta.

In Nusa Dua throughout the restaurant live music is played at night, and in each expensive hotel there is a lounge bar.

In Ubud come for privacy and peace, should not look for a madman here until dawn. Here entertained the musicians show at Jazz Cafe and Casa Luna or a Saturday party at the salsa rhythm at Havana Club.

In the southern part of the island of Bal and, in the city of Jimbaran, there is an aesthetic bar on the rock called Rock Bar. The institution is familiar with its beautiful ocean views, cheap cocktails and expensive diners.

Blog of Jakarta “The Madness You Don’t Expect”

How does the technique of explaining the most exciting night and city life in Asia? How does the technique of understanding that chaotic, slightly ugly and warm city, become the most aesthetic empiricist we have ever lived? After feeling a year in this madness still to be found in our country, I can tell us that I think I have never witnessed a city like that. Maybe I do not want anything, and I do not know what city it is. Without reference and with not much hope I landed in a city where everything can happen. Forget about some of the great Muslims and their stereotypes, here start the guidance of Jakarta (Jakarta is written there and in English), the capital of binal Indonesia.

The city is the largest with more than 12 million inhabitants, and chaos is widespread, with little traffic and a number of monuments to look at. Monas (national monument) and Grand Indonesia’s location with its luxurious Mal-mals and restaurants with spectacular prices for Spanish pockets are highly recommended to visit. Also the old Dutch colonial cafes in the City area, but what really made Jakarta famous was the party, the state of the city, the very riveting people (probably the best I’ve ever known) and all their women. The level of English is more or less decent and you can not communicate a lot and you are a little stranger, it’s always easy to meet different people in the city. The ideal time to visit the city is from March to November, avoiding Christmas and January and February which are the peak of the rainy season.

Visa, Currency, and Internet

In 2015, the Spaniards have the option to pick up a free visa on arrival, they hand over the stamp on our passport and we enter about 30 days free of charge, simple and fast. For the currency, Indonesia uses rupees, which in the change for 1 euro = 15,000 rupees. Do not be surprised to get to the bank and with high evolution, give yourself the fear when you find 1 million rupees for example and that’s little more than 60 euros J As for phone and internet only 2 euro You make purchases of local sim cards and with Internet access from your phone, which we will prepare on arrival. Internet in Indonesia like religion, especially social network and flirt with mobile phone, we will not stop wearing Tinder around the journey. The least used providers are Telkomsel, 3 and Ooredoo.

Transport and city districts

Get ready for crazy traffic, among the ugliest in the world in traffic jams, but the good thing is that weekends and nights are almost gone and do not suffer. The transportation system in Jakarta is summarized in one: Taxi. They are the cheapest, the most efficient and there are thousands everywhere. There are two star companies that are not rarely recommended for use, BlueBird, blue cabs and the best so far, and Express, white taxis with Express beside, are reliable. Refrain from others, with these two more than enough. Then there is an improper Transjakarta bus, motorbike taxi or transport to avoid traffic where the driver takes you to motorcycle and Uber and Grab websites that have been installed in the city.

For the location of stay, the best location is Grand Indonesia, Setiabudi or Kuningan, 3 in the city center, the location of all expatriate residents, there is the best party and there are the largest number of hotels and residence locations. Gran Indonesia is the largest Mall in the country, opposite Plaza Indonesia, Mall tro and reference hotels. Around these two shopping centers and the familiar roundabout across the street, it is located in some of the city’s finest hotels. Setiabudi, is a different but most diverse center area, with “kost” or accommodation for backpackers, students or travelers who do not want to spend not a bit of money on accommodation. Some of the finest and perfect for bringing women, organizing parties with roommates on the roof or simply living in quieter areas and settlements, but next to party locations and shopping centers, for not much money. And if what we want is the other way around, it’s the most luxurious hotel in town, the best in Kuningan, where Marriott, Oakwood, W and all the luxury hotels are located.

Rooftop and restaurant

The city’s best restaurants and rooftops are filled around 8pm at dinner, with references to food like Basque, Loewy, E & O, Bluegrass, Social House or Cork and Screw. They are the most similar, not the least class, not too expensive for their level and the best food (from the Spanish food, steakhouse, hamburger or the extraordinary pasta location, these places are references). After eating, you often go to the bar to drink more. The two main roofs of the city are Cloud and Skye. You can not go without seeing these two bars, located in the city’s two highest towers, where we can see from the 56th floor of the city. In the evening they are two important affairs. For younger expats, Safehouse, Lola or Bauhaus are fashionable. while for rich Indonesians they prefer speakeasies (hidden bars like in American dry law) type Hemingway, Monty or Proof. If you are going to meet girls from the evening, the two most famous are BATS or CJs, both in the luxury hotel bar (Hotel Shangrila and Hotel Mulia).

Eventually the nightclub of 1 in the morning is laden and close after 5 some big. Then it is not uncommon to be there after the north of the nearby town in the morning. The strict dress code is applied especially for women (as doormen say, women can not enter without heels would be rude to humans). Men can not wear flip-flops, T-shirts or shorts and women should always wear high heels. The only bad thing about Jakarta is that being a Muslim alcohol is expensive. The entrance to the disco is worth between Rp150,000 and Rp300.000 on weekends. And each glass is over rp150000, so almost 10 euros per glass is ordinary. Bring it, let’s know the most amazing things about town, parties and fun.

Party in Jakarta

The party in Jakarta is crazy, full of clubs, we die expecting white people (bules to call us) and spectacular people who want to have fun. I still remember my first week in town, where I played with the party, and I asked for Indonesians: How is it possible in a Muslim country and somewhat conservative, the party in Jakarta is so incredible? And I will never forget the answer they gave me and summarize what this location is: Look, it’s the simplest. We had a bad city, not a bit hot for the day and a ban in our religion. What I do and you do at night, go forth as if there is no tomorrow, drink and do all the sins that do not leave us for that day. From there I understood everything.

Nightlife in Central Jakarta (Grand Indonesia, SBCD)

The party of the city is broken down into basically 3 regions, north of south and central element. Very important and very well known in the city center, from Grand Indonesia to SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) and surrounding areas. Here are the best clubs, all the best women and very close to what you know in Europe (The northern city is for the madness of prostitution, striptease, techno and drugs, the southern element in Kemang is more useful for music, calmer drinking and some loose disco ). The best clubs in Central Jakarta:

X2: The nightclub in town. Every foreigner between the ages of 20 and 35 should experience this peculiarity. Women everywhere, good music, two rooms, more perreo less power, all the people are charming and it’s only that there is no such club in Spain. The entry fee is between 9 and 12 euros, depending on the show with drinks, the music is commercial EDM in general, nice and not the least changed. Preparing for a total spree.

Inmigrant: Maybe another benchmark in town when it comes to parties. Located on the sixth floor of Plaza Indonesia, it has a small dance floor which is often filled with expats and the most charming local girls. It’s more luxurious than the X2 and the highest price, with 15 or 20 euros with cup entries, but it’s really worth it, the best location to connect with pivones.

Dragonfly: Very beautiful and elegant club in the city, more or less home music, not a few models but quite a few girls who perform to dig rich expatriates. The entry price is expensive because it costs 14 euros without drinks. Wednesday has the best night for girls in town and if you link here, you can be sure that it can be the night of your life, even if it is more complicated than Inmigrant or X2.

Fable: If we are between 20 and 26 years old, Fable can be your best party location. The rich lecture kids, the potato girls, the alcohols are plentiful and the most fun, yet in more luxurious local circumstances. Just below Lucy in the Sky. The entrance, a fashionable terrace for a drink and say with the locals before leaving the city center.

Blowfish: The most beautiful and well-designed club, which successfully attracts the best viewers in the city, especially China with pasta and not a few celebrities. Great music with a good DJ in his last years was like Southern Gross, Fat Boy Slim or Richie Hawtin. It’s harder to connect China or Indonesia with China with a more enclosed community and it is not uncommon in the clubs but the best clubs if you say the right person.

Empirica: Empirica is greatest and often rarely exciting and popular, with a 50-meter bar, graceful people and an amazing sound system. More than half of the people are still indochina like in Blowfish, but there is less mixture with expats and the entrance is cheaper, for 8 euro with a glass.

Nightlife in North Jakarta

Next to the northern element of Monas (national monument), we will pursue the most insane and astonishing party you can imagine in a Muslim country. Nightclubs, karaoke bars, striptease bars, massages at the spa, and all around in the same building. They are loaded with paid girls sometimes, and Indonesians like such a party to get to the bar, drink, watch aunt, find a sensual massage and madness. Seeing to believe these places, mixed with some techno clubs and outdated people, we would assume that you are in Ibiza rather than in a Muslim country. The most famous are: Alexis, Malioboro, 1001, Illigals, Emporium, Golden Crown. Each has a striptease, a massage, a drink, a lap dance and what you want basically. They are the perfect place for bachelor or outdated parties with your friends, or give yourself plus plus massages in very mystical places in town, Delta or My Places.

Colisseum: Best nightclub in North Jakarta, outstanding design, best sound and exposure system, and some of the best events with international DJs. But durilla music is not a bit of a night, and people often go through and are not concerned like in different clubs that give up spectacular games downtown. Sign 15 euro with glass, if you like techno and electronics, you can fall in love.

Nightlife in South Jakarta and Blok M

The party center next to the southern element of the city is Kemang. Here there are not a few live music bars and small clubs for a more relaxed and older situation. Nu China, 365 and Triple Nine are still there and crowded. There’s always a new bar open like Parc 19, Liberica, Treehouse or Cafe Mondo, often there are not a few girls and not a few expats, or music enthusiasts with new bands and groups from the city. The most famous is probably the Eastern Promise, the best location in the center of Kemang, with live music and a free microphone sometimes for customers to sing. Very fun for the older and quiet.

Block M: it is a red light district with bars fused with paid websites and expats. In each street there are 4-5 bars that have women with poor lives for older expats, dance bars and a number of karaoke and massage complexes. It’s a bit more cloudy but fun, popular in Korea and Japan, with not a few restaurants dedicated to all of this audience.


And what about Indonesian women? They may be fascinated and deeply adored by foreigners in Southeast Asia. From the first minute we get on social networks like Tinder, Skout, or OkCupid, they’ll say with you, they want to stay with you. By not having much conversation with them on the promise you will prepare individually you will love it. Then at clubs like X2 or InMigrant it’s pretty easy to go with them and if you can not always finish the night in the most insane territory in the north of the city. The choice is in your hands. we will never feel like that, and that is something that when you land here you can not imagine. Let our empirical life begin!